Peace Labyrinth


Peace Labyrinth


cloth labyrinth



The Cloth Labyrinth was initially created as a fundraising tool prior to the building of Lakeside Labyrinth. It was stenciled and hand-painted by volunteer members of the Nelson Community Labyrinth Group. When our dear friend Joan Alexander informed us that there are no labyrinths where she is currently residing, we decided to gift her with the Cloth Labyrinth. It was packed up, making its way to a new home where it will be lovingly cared for. We are delighted that our Labyrinth will now have a permanent residence with Joan, Elizabeth, and Beau, for use in their workshops and walks.
Now known as Peace Labyrinth, we look forward to sharing more photos of our Sister Labyrinth on this page.


cloth labyrinth


Below are some photos of Joan's first workshop with a youth group in Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan.


cloth labyrinth cloth labyrinth cloth labyrinth cloth labyrinth cloth labyrinth cloth labyrinth cloth labyrinth



Images from a recent workshop held by Joan.


cloth labyrinth cloth labyrinthcloth labyrinth



Walking the Labyrinth: A Pathway to Peace

January 21st, 2024

We had a lovely group of people who engaged in hand‐held labyrinth activities and also walked the Peace* Labyrinth together this afternoon at the library.

*Named Peace, this beautiful hand‐painted labyrinth (from my friends at Lakeside Labyrinth, Nelson, BC) was so happy to come out of her box today!
She hopes to be invited to many other places in the Lloydminster area.


A table draped in blue cloth displaying three different hand held labyrinths table and chairs and a TV screen on the wall a person walking a cloth labyrinth




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