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The philosophy behind a labyrinth is based on sacred geometry. It is an ancient pattern, with only one path, which meanders into the centre, and then out again. There are no tricks or dead ends, as there are in a maze.


Our motto is "Enter the Silence". We intend this to mean that one can enter the silence and calm of the inner self through using the labyrinth.


Enter the Silence


Labyrinths have been found all over the world, some of them dating back thousands of years. They are found as hedges in English gardens, made out of rocks on shorelines in Sweden, engraved on cave walls in the USA, and painted on pots in Africa. It is one of life's mysteries how people all over the world replicated the same idea when there was no obvious communication link.


Basically, a labyrinth is a walking meditation; an opportunity for quiet reflection to connect with that place inside yourself where insights and understanding can occur. A labyrinth pathway spirals into a central destination, and then back out again, using the same path. The spiralling is said to mimic the convolutions of the brain, and it is thought that the right and left brain hemispheres become balanced when walking a labyrinth. This is what appears to support mental clarity and understanding to occur.




How to walk a labyrinth


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