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Lakeside Labyrinth 20th Anniversary


The 20th on the 20th

Lakeside Labyrinth's 20th Anniversary!

Thursday, June 20th at 5pm

June 20th, 2024 will mark the 20th Anniversary of Lakeside Labyrinth in Nelson, BC. We invite one and all to come down to Lakeside Park to join us in the festivities and participate in a Summer Solstice Walk.

The walk begins at 5pm. Members of the Nelson Community Labyrinth Group will be on hand to talk about the Labyrinth and share its history. We'll have a display table set up with photo albums, labyrinth information, and gifts for everyone. Pack a picnic or enjoy something from the concession. Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, together, we can make this Solstice a memorable one.

Lakeside Labyrinth began as a simple labyrinth on the beach. Since then, it has evolved into a welcoming presence on Nelson's waterfront, a quiet oasis in the midst of the busy, and sometimes noisy, Lakeside Park. It has been the location of many activities over the years, Weddings and Handfastings, Celebrations of Life, Tai Chi, Yoga, Special Olympics… and, of course, Equinox and Solstice Walks, and World Labyrinth Day, hosted by the Nelson Community Labyrinth Group.

Lakeside Labyrinth draws in young and old to clap at the centre, in fascinated delight. People show up to walk, run, bike the labyrinth, in joyful exuberance, or meditative reflection. Benches around the perimeter provide opportunities for peaceful contemplation. Lakeside Labyrinth offers something for everyone. Whatever it is that someone needs in that moment, the Labyrinth provides.

Here's to the next 20 years and beyond!

The Lakeside Labyrinth in Nelson, BC is located in Lakeside Rotary Park near BOB (Big Orange Bridge). It is wheelchair accessible; washrooms are close by, and it is always free to walk.




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